Why is Dog Walking So Important?

As you will read in The Easy Dog Walk and other articles on this site, walking your dog has unbelievable affects on his behavior. An hour walk with a dog back pack can eliminate all symptoms of separation anxiety, obsessive behavior, execessive barking, ect, ect. By draining excess energy from your dog you will create a calm and balanced dog. Most of the behavior related issues we see with dogs including excessive barking, chewing, digging and aggression are caused by energy build up from lack of proper exercise.

It is ingrained into our dog's DNA to migrate. They constantly feel the urge to travel with the pack and explore the world outside of his home. When that basic need is not being met, your dog will do almost anything to get your attention and get outside to walk.

However, you need to learn how to become the pack leader in order to end the frustration of having your dog pull you all over the neighborhood. That's why the solution isn't available for individual purchase. It won't be effective without learning how to become the pack leader first. We thought about just offering The Easy Dog Walk book for sale for $19.95 but we knew it wouldn't work without Become the Respected Leader and the course. Is $97 worth being able to walk your dog without issues? Is it worth it to have a calm dog that you can control? I'm not "hard selling" here, I'm simply telling you what you need to get your dog to walking as you wish. And remember, we are so sure you can get yout dog walking as you envision, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Processed the same day you request it. And you can keep all the information we send you.

After taking action, you won't be alone. As a member, you will have my personal e-mail address to use 24/7 to help you if you have any questions. We will get your dog to walk as you always thought he would. Ask me a question during the course or a year from now. I'll help you with any sticking points along the way even after the course is complete.

Grab the program here, get your dog to walk properly and end the frustration that you have every time you grab that leash. The program works and if it doesn't, we will refund you money the same day you request it. No questions asked.

The Easy Dog Walk- An Excerpt

By Chad E. Thompson


There are many tools available to help dog owners get their dogs under control on the walk. Many believe slip or chain collars and prong collars are inhumane. Let me dispel this notion: They are not inhumane when used properly. Many people misuse them by yanking as hard as they can when correcting the dog. The dog simply needs a quick correction that redirects his attention. The collars are not meant to hurt the dog.

If you are interested using a shock collar, this is not the book for you. I do not condone using a shock collar unless it’s a dire situation and the dog is extremely dangerous. If you believe this tool should be used in conjunction with obedience training, a trained profession should teach you how to operate such a device. In my experience, it’s rare to find a dog that can only be controlled by a shock collar.

Most dogs simply need consistent training sessions, and an owner who is willing to take direction and leadership. Dogs are often misunderstood. They are not “acting up” or punishing the owner. They are following a pack order and behaving on instinct. That is why this book is so effective. I will teach you how to use the training tools properly and what energy to use while walking your dog.

Okay, off to the pet store for supplies. This is what you will need.

Dog Back Pack

The dog back pack is an effective tool in getting your dog to walk properly. Load it up with water bottles for weight and it gives the dog a job while on the walk. He naturally understands that he is in change of carrying the pack and will focus on doing so. Dogs cannot do two things at once. So while they are carrying the pack, they usually will simply walk and care about little else going on in the world. Also, the weight of the water bottles will burn twice the amount of energy the dog has stored up, so a quick 20-minute walk around the block is as effective as a 40-minute walk. Think about how effective that pack can be in wearing out your pup if he carries it for the recommended hour-long walk twice a day (once at night and once in the morning). This tool can single handedly solve many behavior-related issues. The dog back pack is sold in most pet stores. It will be used in the second phase of the program.

Get the entire book now along with Become the Respected Leader, 101 Dog Training Secrets, Hints, Facts and Fun, and enrollment in our 6 Week Boot Camp for Dog Owners: "Attacking the Root Cause" Training Course.

To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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