Pack Leaders Control Every Situation. Are You in Control?

Excerpt From Become The Respected Leader!

There is no situation in which your dog should find himself where he is unclear about what to do. Clear signals should come from you in every interaction you have with your dog. You may think that you are in charge all of the time. Unfortunately, this is probably not the case. Have you ever:

• Fed your dog before feeding yourself?

• Walked in from work and pet your dog before changing your clothes?

• Pet your dog simply because he approached you and nudged his head near your hand?

• Comforted your dog while he was barking?

• Comforted your dog while he was fearful?

• Given your dog affection, treats or food without a command?

The list is of possible missteps is endless. If any of the above situations have occurred, and they probably have, which is why you are reading this book, then you are not in charge all of the time. Being in control DOES NOT MEAN BULLYING YOUR DOG INTO SUBMISSION! But during the times listed above, your dog may be questioning whether you were the leader. And you failed by making him the center of attention and taking care of his needs before yours. In the human world, we are taught to take care of our children and family before ourselves. However, in the dog world, the pack leader takes care of himself first. This is not a selfish act; actually, it is a selfless act. The pack leader is making sure the pack survives by making sure the strongest, fastest, most skilful member survives and reproduces, thereby ensuring that the pack will also flourish.

To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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