Human to Dog Affection

Petting your dog has been proven to relieve human symptoms of stress, anxiety and worry and to lift the spirits of the ill. That is why we see service and therapy dogs in hospitals across the world. Petting is very effective in helping us deal with the stress of our lives. Unfortunately, this has led to many dogs believing that they are the center of attention, the pack leader and the one calling the shots.

When your dog comes up to you and nudges you for a scratch, you may think it is cute. It may make you happy and create awe in the power of Mother Nature because your dog is actually communicating with you. You are right, your dog is communicating with you. However, the translation may not be what you expect.

You hear: Hi. You look sad. Let me put my head on your lap so you know I am here for you.

When your dog is actually communicating: Hey! Pet me now! I am in charge because I sense that you are in a weak state. Do as I say!

This may not be what you want to believe but it is true. Do not be discouraged; there is good news. You can still pet your dog whenever you wish. The trick is to give him a command first. A simple Sit command will work. It just shows him that he does not get something for nothing. And why should he, do you?! He will learn that if he listens, then he get what he wants. That is a powerful proposition.

Pack leadership is extremely important if you want your dog to listen. Learn more about pack leadership by clicking here.

To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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