How To Get Your Dog To Do What You Say

Getting your dog to do what you say can be a tough chore. Some dogs are simply harder to train than others and when this is them case, professional training is often the only option. But there are things you can do to make your dog more obedient without resorting to spending big money on training.

There are basic commands that most dog owners want their dog to obey. These include:


The above commands are the basic ones that people first teach a dog. Once he has mastered these you may choose to move on to more advanced commands or forms of training such as agility training.

Dogs can not learn commands in a few days or even a few weeks. It can take months of training to have your dog to as he is told. Be patient and reward the dog when he does the right thing. Never punish a dog!

Here are some tips for training your dog in commands:

- Remove all distractions during training
- Avoid shouting at the dog. Instead, use firm commands.
- Use quality rewards that the dog enjoys
- Undertake consistent training such as several times per week
- Ensure the dog is in good health and receives regular exercise. A happy dog is easier to train.

A dog who can obey commands makes a pleasant pet. By commanding your dog, you are employing yourself as the dog's master. Dogs have had human masters for many thousands of years and they enjoy making their master happy. This is why it is imperative to reward the dog and not to become angry if he takes some time to obey commands.

Some dog breeds are simply better at obedience training than others. More intelligent breeds such as German Shepherds, Poodles and others tend to learn commands easier than dogs who are more aloof. That is not to say that all breeds can not be trained; they certainly can. Some just take longer than others and require a little more patience and attendance on your part.

Obedience training to get your dog to do what you say is a great way to form a bond between dog and owner. It helps you relate to each other and lets a dog respond to your commands instead of being baffled with out to please you and receive rewards. Remember, a dog loves to please its master and obedience training makes this much easier for them to do.

Learn how to get your dog to listen to your every command today!

To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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