Dog Walking (Stop Pulling)

There is nothing worse than walking your dog and having to try to stop him pulling on the leash. A walk with your dog should be fun and relaxing for both parties, so finding a way to stop your dog pulling the leash when walking should be a top priority.

Here are some tips to help make your dog walking times more enjoyable by getting your dog to stop pulling:

1. Ditch the collar for a harness
A collar attached to a leash can be uncomfortable for a dog, particularly smaller breeds. Although pulling causes the collar to tighten on the neck, the dog does not understand this connection and may continue puling as a way to release himself from the leash and collar. A harness wraps around the front of the body and front legs and does not go around the neck. It is more comfortable for the dog and also gives you more control as you are not pulling the dogs neck when you tug the leash; rather you are gently swaying the entire body. This eliminates the uncomfortable choking feeling that a collar gives a dog.

2. Change direction
The simple act of walking the other way can stop the dog pulling on the leash entirely. Don't make a reaction when the dog pulls, just walk another way (provided you can easily change direction without pulling the leash too hard).

3. Change routes
It is likely that your dog is very used to the walking route you take him on and as such as thinking about a certain spot he wants to get to. This can cause him to pull excessively on the leash and leave you running behind. By changing the path you walk, he does not know what is ahead and as such will only be occupied by the sights and smells right near him. Some people have found that regularly changing the walking routes virtually eliminates all leash pulling problems.

4. Stay in control
Losing control of a dog is something they can pick up on. They should still know that you are boss. This does not mean shouting at them but can involve some stern words and clear dominant body language. You might even tell the dog to sit in order to stop him pulling.

Getting your dog to stop pulling while walking can be a challenge but it is not difficult to rectify by following the above steps.

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To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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