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If you don't have time to take 45 seconds of your valuable time to read this article, feel free to try another solution. You are at this site for a reason and we can help. Reading this article will help you understand why dog exhibit specific behavior and how we can help in eliminating dog problems forever. Many owners attempt to solve the one or two specific problems that they want to change but don't focus on the root causes.

Do you get frustrated and confused by why their dogs exhibit certain behavior? I'm sure you are spending time and money trying to find the solution to this problem. After extensive study in the field, it has been revealed that there are only three root causes to all behavior problems. If owners focus on these underlying causes instead of the symptoms, they will get the dog they always dreamed of. I've been using this method for over ten years with amazing results.

Root Cause #1: The Walk. Please do not mistake our walk as the casual walk you take your dog on around the neighborhood. Dog walking is important for exercise but it's also a natural need for your dog. In their natural environment, a pack of dogs would travel several miles for food and shelter. Your dog still has this deep desire to travel and owners need to satisfy this need. You must learn how to effectively walk your dog and that knowledge will aid in behavior problems like separation anxiety, excessive barking, dog aggression, not listening, ect, ect. There is overwhelming proof that the proper dog walk can eliminate many behavior problems.

When dogs do not get to travel on a daily basis, they build up excess energy and frustration from unfulfilled needs. Proper dog walking is important. You need you simulate the travel aspect and not just a leisurely stroll around block. It should be brisk and focused. No sniffing the grass allowed until the end. Built up energy and frustration can lead to a wide variety of issues including separation anxiety, excessive barking and destructive chewing among others. Effective dog walking is more important than most owners think. There is a skill to it that can aid in ending problem behavior. We will teach you about the effective walk, one that gets results in ending dog issues.

Second Root Cause: Lack of pack leadership. Dogs, like children, need firm pack leadership. A leader that will be confident and fair. Dogs will not follow (listen to) angry or abusive owners. Dog owners must learn about how to establish pack leadership. If your dog is jumping on you or others, excessively barking, chewing on your personal items or putting his paws on you and leaning into you, he does not completely respect you as the pack leader. He may listen some times (usually in the house), but only when he wants to because he thinks he or she is in charge. We will teach you how to become the pack leader with simple exercises that take seconds but are extremely meaningful in your dogs world.

When people come to me and ask how I get rid destructive behavior (for example) without even addressing the specific issue, I simply say that we re-ordered the pack hierarchy. The dog now knows that the owner is in charge and thus will not view household items as his to chew on but as the pack leader's which are only given, not taken. Remember, treat the cause, not the symptom (destructive behavior in this example).

Pack leadership can be established easily with daily walks. Those walks have to have the three P's, Pack structure with you in front, Pace, and Purpose. When you lead your dog the proper way, he will start to view you as the pack leader. Proper and effective dog walking, pack leadership and the elimination of unwanted behavior are all linked and need to be used together. By using the tools in Become the Respected Leader and The Easy Dog Walk, you can end the frustration of unwanted dog behavior. We guarantee it or your money back, no questions asked. Same day refund. Period.

The final root cause is a medical ailment. If a dog does not feel well, he or she will exhibit behavior that is not balanced. For example if a dog is aggressive toward other dogs, he may have an unidentified injury and is protecting himself against further injury. Seek a vet immediately if you believe your dog has a medical issue.

So remember, Be the pack leader, walk your dog effectively and with a purpose, and treat the root cause. Focusing on the specific problem behavior will not solve the problem. But a combination of the walk, establishment of the pack leader and consistency, your dog can change in a short time. Remember, dogs live in the moment. They want leadership and established rules. They don't want the responsibilities of pack leadership.

This is why our solution will solve your specific dog issue. It focuses on of three root causes. We will walk you thorugh the effective walk, estalishing yourself as the pack leader (boss) and give you over 100 tips to maintain this admirable behavior. My clients are now proud to walk their dog, allow people into their homes without fear and love going to the dog park without worrying that their dog won't listen.

So grab this course, go through it and decide for yourself. There is no risk..

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To Your Success,

Chad Thompson
Canine Behavior Expert



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