Dog Aggression vs Dog Dominance - What is the Difference?

There is a great difference between dog aggression and dog dominance. Dominance is often mistaken for aggression however this is an error on the part of humans. Dogs naturally like to dominate unless they are trained otherwise. Dominance is merely a way of asserting control, but because it seems aggressive to people, we call it aggression. There are circumstances where a dog is being aggressive without being dominant but there are distinctive differences between the two.

There are two forms of dominant dogs. These are the human-dominant dog and the dog-dominant dog. Dog dominant dogs simply will not tolerate other dogs in their territory. This sort of behavior is easier to live with; you simply don't get another dog unless you want to train the dog dominant canine. Dog dominant dogs often show their soft side to humans.

On the other side are human dominant dogs that like to be the pack leader of their human family. It is these dogs that are tougher to deal with as they can be dangerous, particularly in families with young children. For this reason it is imperative to never bring a dog home that shows signs of human domination and who has had no obedience training.

Most types of dog aggression stem from protectiveness. A dog will instinctively want to protect both its territory and itself. A dog might show protective aggression dur to fear, possessiveness or territoriality.

The difference between dominance and aggression is the state of mind of the dog. Dominance is natural whilst aggression is not. Aggressive dogs that lash out for no apparent reason may be mentally disturbed. It is important to know the history of the dog displaying this behavior. Has he or she been abused in the past? If so they will display aggressive tendencies toward humans, just as humans would fear other humans who had hurt them. If the dog does not know you, then they see you as no different to their perpetrators.

Dominance occurs when a dog is challenged by someone lower ranking than him (in his mind). This can be human or dog, or even another animal. We hear of stories of dogs trying to dominate young children and babies. This is because they see the baby as a threat to their rank in the family pack. This particularly occurs when a new baby is born into the family and the parents (the dog's masters) spend more time with the baby than with the dog. This form of dog jealousy spreads from their dominance instincts.

There is a great difference between aggression and dominance so before working out a plan of action to fix your dog's behavior, study their past and decide where the behavior has stemmed from.

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